List of commissioned poems:

"St. Patrick" - co-written with Deirdre Kelly for the Duncairn Arts Centre's St. Patrick's Eve Concert (2022)

"Never Forget" - part commission, part workshop facilitation for Campbell College, Belfast (2021)

"Summer Solstice" - BBC Radio Ulster 'The Ticket' (2020)

"Discover Your Christmas" - Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon's Christmas marketing campaign (2019)

"A Change is Gonna Come" - SONI Ltd (2019)

"Giving It Some Welly" - BBC Radio Ulster 'Science & Stuff' (2019)

"We Deserve Better" - We Deserve Better campaign (2019)

"Opening Doors": a libretto for a suite of 4 songs - Voluntary Arts Ireland (2018-2019)

"Moments and Memories" - BBC Northern Ireland television promo (2018)

"Cathedral Quarter" - Save CQ campaign (2018)

"The Ear of the Mind" - BBC Radio Ulster 'Science & Stuff' (2018)

"Space of Waste" - BBC Radio Ulster 'Science & Stuff' (2017)

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Go behind the scenes at BBC Northern Ireland's recording of 'Moments and Memories' as read by Diona Doherty


Art-work from ABC Council's Christmas advertising campaign featuring part of the 'Discover Your Christmas' poem